1. Is ShippingCity a freight forwarder / NVOCC?

No. ShippingCity is China's largest third-party online platform for shipping industry. The vision of Shippingcity.com is to provide online market place for shippers and carriers to increase information transparency within international supply chain. ShippingCity also provides importers and exporters with international shipping rates. Once a rate is accepted on the ShippingCity website, then the nominated freight forwarder/NVOCC will contact you within 24 hours.

2. What is freight request?

Freight Request is the term we use to describe the information you share with us by submitting your freight requests for free and getting competitive freight quotes from worldwide logistics companies.

3. If I request a quote from service providers, am I committing myself to giving the business?

No, all quotes you receive are non-obligatory.

4. If my quote is lowest, does it guarantee me the business from Shipper?

Acquiring business depends on multiple parameters of which rate are an important factor. While being the lowest bidder does put you on the priority list of a Shipper, it does not guarantee you business.

5. Do you share the contact details of Shippers with all service providers?

No, the contact details of Shippers are never shared with service providers except your quote was accepted by shipper. Instead, we allow the Shippers to see the contact details of all the service providers who submit quotes for their request and initiate contact with whoever they want to.

6. Can I ship something that are not general cargoes?

Yes, you can. Submit your shipping request and leave your notes to clarify your special shipping demand. A supplier will cantact you once you choose his quote and service.

7. How to improve the credibility of my account on ShippingCity?

Two ways to improve the credibility of your account:

1). Verify your account by completing your account details, including E-mail address, business card and company license.

2). Guarantee a high service level to meet shippers’requirement. A credit rating for supplier service will be given after each transaction is finished.

8. How to submit my shipping rates?

You should register to sign in first and click the “Submit Shipping Rates”button to upload your shipping rates. Batch shipping rates can be uploaded by using standard template.

9. Dose ShippingCity charge any commission from Shipper or services provider?

No, all services provided by ShippingCity are free.